How do I order?  
NYC ONLY, Order custom cakes on the order form under Custom Cakes.
Cake Guts are available for nationwide shipping on Goldbelly.
DALLAS ONLY, Limited edition drops will be available for holidays. 
Do you have gluten free options?
Do you have anything dairy free?
Nope. All products contain dairy.
Do your products contain nuts?
Some do. Unfortunately, we are not a nut free facility and cannot accommodate severe nut allergies.
Do you ship?
Custom cakes we do not, they are too fragile. Cake guts we ship seasonally on Goldbelly.
How do I store my cake?
Keep your cake in the fridge until an hour before eating or just until the event.
How do I store my cake guts?
Keep in fridge and take out like 30 minutes before eating. Depends what temp you like to eat them at. I like cold :)  
How long will my cake or cake guts last?
I mean honestly eat asap. We say fridge 1 week, freezer 1 month

Can I order a bulk amount of cake guts for an event?
Yes, this option is available in both NYC and DTX. Email info@cakeyall.com and we will walk you through the process.